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About ACMA

ACMA comprises 32 distinct member organizations, including 24 Cash Management Companies (CMCs). An initial and recent survey of 13 ACMA members spanned 17 countries across Asia, Africa, and Australia & Oceania, and represented 49% of the world�s population. The ACMA members surveyed currently employ more than 67,000 direct staff and move currencies and valuables around the region with a fleet of more than 10,000 vehicles.

The mission of the ACMA is to provide a platform for Cash Management Companies (CMCs) in Asia, Africa, and Australia & Oceania to raise their professional reputation and standing in the Cash Handling and Cash Management Industry, and to act as a representative with the appropriate authorities on issues of common interest.

This association invites the participation of all�CMCs in the aforementioned regions.

Association members may include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Cash-in-transit companies / armoured carriers
  • Commercial cash processors / processing consortiums
  • Central banks
  • Commercial Banks / financial institutions
  • Industry equipment and solution providers
  • Law enforcement
  • Legal services

ACMA is backed by a strong group of founding members:

  • AB Securitas - Phiroze Kevin Pestonjee
  • Currency Research - Richard Haycock
  • Linfox Armaguard � Scott Forster
  • Spearpoint Group - Ted Devereux

Office Bearers:

  • Chairman: Oscar Esteban, Prosegur
  • Executive Director: Ted Devereux, Spearpoint Group
  • Secretary: Tan Chee Meng, Currency Research

Committee Members

  • Scott Forster, Linfox Armaguard
  • Phiroze Kevin Pestonjee, AB Securitas
  • Huseyin Memis, Streamcorp Armoured
  • Baskaran Narayanan, Brink's
  • Anush Raghavan, CMS Info Systems
  • Abdul Malek Bin Sutan, Meps Currency Management
  • Charles Wink, G4S